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Help us make a difference

Volunteers are an essential part of The Daimler Foundation. From assisting the coaches to help leading a pony, you can help support the foundation and the work we undertake in so many different ways. Whatever skills you can bring, giving your time to work with the foundation will mean that more people can enjoy the benefit and enjoyment of being around horses.

Volunteering is rewarding and fulfilling and we offering training to enhance the experience. Volunteering has an important role to play in addressing concerns around loneliness, mental health, social skills and wellbeing. It offers opportunities to gain confidence, acquire new skills and knowledge.

Volunteering is an active experience that delivers many physical health benefits too.

We welcome volunteers of 12 and over, there is no upper age limit and we need a wide range of skills – not just with horses. We are a diverse organisation and we are at our best when we bring together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Research is clear about the benefits of volunteering for mental health, helping people gain more perspective and be less inward-focused – with social interaction and the sense of purpose proving strong stimulants to improved wellbeing.

Study after study confirms the benefits of volunteering for people with a range of mental health conditions. The social interaction that volunteering offers is extremely important, with group activities that provide social interaction appearing to offer the most benefit. To volunteer please return this application form.

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